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We are continuing our discussion of the various roles created in dysfunctional families as adaptations to the trauma that is ongoing by now discussing the “Scapegoat” role. This role may oftentimes seem angry and problematic, but they are covering up a deep hurt that has led to high walls and barbs. Today we will take time to better understand how this role occurs and how individuals in these roles are interacting with the world and their own traumas.

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Source: The “Scapegoat” Role in Dysfunctional Families

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  1. I am the scapegoat/lost child. I had to go no contact with my toxic family. The abusive cycle will never change.

  2. Future doctors, lawyers, ect. We the scapegoats, we are changing the world. If a scapegoated lawyer made it! You can too!!

  3. YouTube must have heard my therapist and I on the phone today mentioning how I was the scapegoat of the family and how it continues to this day. My achievements, as well as my struggles, are always minimized.
    Doing a lot of work on myself, recognizing destructive patterns, introspection and taking accountability instead of blaming others has been a way forward for me… it seems counterintuitive as the last thing you want to do when unfairly taking the blame for so many of the families issues that are not yours, is to take responsibility.

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