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“Dating a Man who is PROVEN not for potential”
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  1. I guess you cover this for the "younger" generation or folks caught up in so-called "celebrity". But the way both he and she look are disturbing and a grown man calling himself – blueface, is even more disturbing. 🤨

  2. They both are beating each other she has a tooth missing because she was getting jumped by a group of women not because of Blueface, and if you’re going to tell a story, tell the whole story, they both beat each other. She bust his head with a glass bottle, you black women always paint the picture to be like you’re theis a little bitty angel, Everybody know what kind of women Chrisean is and it’s totally the opposite of classy

  3. Chrisean has a lot of childhood trauma that is causing her to gravitate towards abuse & dysfunction. This is all she knows, so she thinks it’s normal.

  4. Chrisean really grew on me and whenever I see her I see a very hurt child! I think it’s very important that women seek healing in traumas so they don’t fall victim to the pick me mentality. If you love yourself enough you wouldn’t need a “male” to attach to/validate you. I honestly hope she wakes up and leaves him… no woman deserves to be treated that way

  5. Toxicity is so poisonous when it comes to emotional, mental,and psychological relationships. It will drain you to your core. It's not worth it. And it is not just for young people but all people.#smh😔💔

  6. I still don't know who they are..they are young…and Gen X or Z..they simply don't make men and women the way they used to!

  7. Ddg brought all that negative energy around Halle! If he and blueface was cool thats OK but the double dating with chrisean was too much! I hope Halle continue to Boss up and move around

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