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Raise a happy, confident, warm-hearted, and respectful child without being an explosive parent.

Do you easily get angry with your child? Do little things annoy you easily? Have you experienced an outburst in public? Are you tired of yelling inside the house to have your children obey?

Discover the yell-free and stress-free approach to parenting!

As parents, we can get exhausted caring for our children. We’ve tried all sorts of methods. In our frustration, we end up yelling, screaming, and hitting them to follow our commands. And they still refuse to listen.

Maybe you need help. Maybe what you are doing is dangerous to you and your child. Maybe you need to discover another approach to raising your kids without screaming your lungs out.

What if there is a solution? A solution that you can learn and implement simply by reading a book.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

The step-by-step guide to identifying your triggersThe right way to deal with the different emotions that trigger parentsThe ways to manage your anger effectivelyThe three things that you can do to raise your child without stressing yourselfThe measures to stop damaging your relationship with your childrenThe precautions to take to keep your children from becoming explosive, tooThe common misconceptions people have about angerAnd more!

There is a way to raise children to be calmer, respectful, warm-hearted, and happy. You’d be surprised that your children will be beyond just obedient and agreeable after you have listened to this book. By following this book, you will be able to raise happy, confident, warm-hearted, and respectful human beings.

Get this book now to learn more.

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